Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ringwood leaf blower race

Final race of the year, killer!!! Gt 7th place in the Cat2 45-49,
moving up next year so got to step up the training and the commuting.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rumble in Da Jungle

3rd place... need I say more? OK, I need to say more. We headed up to West Millford, NJ at 7am so my son could race CAT3 15-19. His race started at 9am with a light mist coming down but not too cold. Not his best showing, he normally gets a great start but he was feeling crappy and lagged behind. The important thing is he finished and without injury on the season's most rocky/muddy/tight and twisty course! Nice job mini-me, the new IRC MIBRO tires and the new set of specialized shoes helped I hope!

I had a good start- 10th or so into the singletrack after the long pavement section. I started passing dudes once we hit the 1st rock gardens and reeled in quite a few guys on the singletrack. I only had 2 or 3 guys pass me on the second long pavement section which ain't my strong suit! I was maxing out my heart rate but still felt good with no bonking or cramps... then my chain dropped into the spokes on the switchbacks at "animal chute"... 3 times! A train of 8 guys passed by and a few more individuals before I realized I couldn't use #1,2 or 3 of the rear cassette. I got going and made up my mind to stay in the race. I pushed hard and started reeling those dudes back and wasn't passed again for the rest of the race. By the time I finished, jr. had been waiting in the van for an hour and really needed to get back home so we left before results were posted. I found out that night that I had locked up the 2nd loosers spot! that's my 1st poduim in cat2/sport class. Next up in the H2H series is Ringwood, last race of '09... unless I put my cross itres n the hardtail again! Hmmmm.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blue Mountain- H2H race #5 recap

SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, IT WAS AWESOME!!! Can you tell I haven't raced XC
since breaking my collarbone this spring? Blue Mountain continues to
be the best of the H2H series with WMBA doing a stellar job organizing
the race, building the trails and maintaining them! Conditions were
amazing- light rain the day before left it dust-free, temps weren't
the typical 50degrees we've had in past years either! The competition
was tough as my 35-39 age group had the fastest Cat2 lap times of 1hr
26min, my time was 13 minutes off the leader-YEAH BABY! The new course
layout was killer even though lots of racers complained about bad
trail marking, I call it "creative navigation" especially on lap 2
when I was delirious, dehydrated and alone… A short recap- I felt
great right from the start, I rolled into the singletrack in prolly
10th place after the long straightaway sprint. A dude on a steel Surly
passed me a few miles in and at first pissed me off because I assumed
that being on a Surly he was singlespeed and full rigid which turned
out he wasn't either one, my ego is still OK as I race full suspension
geared wuss bike! Trying to pass him I notice he was picking some
killer lines thru the rockgardens and had a really fast flow... so I
rolled in behind him and started taking notes! I finally decided to
pass him before the end of lap1 and use what I remembered of his lines
for lap2! I had an over the bars moment just into the second lap
landing feet first! I made another stoopid move with my new lockout
fork which I had in no-squish mode so's I could open up a gap on the
dude following me. I came up on some rocks after a blind corner and
lost all tire contact with the dirt, again didn't land too hard! My
chaser didn't catch me as I recovered quickly but Mr fork lock-out was
used more sparingly after that move! I was able to hammer all the way
to the finish with only some minor cramping and some minor "being
passed" as some dude I was sure was an expert on a blazing fast
preride blew by about 2 miles from the finish! I felt my finish was
definitely in the top 10 or better. Very happy to see 6th place!


H2H#7 Jungle Habitat is in 2 weeks. I hope to get my 15 year old son

to the race- he loved it last time he raced there so I just have to
convince him this is better than his XBOX!

H2H#8 The Leaf Blower in Ringwood NJ is in October, that's always a
great finisher to the season...

Friday, June 5, 2009

new race rig is in the works

Yeti AS-R SL... I test rode one in Golden Colorado a few years ago and
it's fast in climbs, descents and can handle the rough stuff.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

broke my collorbone

I developed a slow leak in my front tire and washed out on a fast
corner and plastered a tree. I'm off the bike for another 8-10 weeks.
The crappy part is my new race frame and components arrived last week
and they are taunting me! I wanna ride!